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Steven Tyler: “I Had A Camera Follow Me From 2003-2004!”

Lyndsey Parker
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I've always wondered why "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler waited until now to accept a job in reality TV. I mean, the man is practically plated in pure 24-karat television gold. So what took this natural so long to follow the lead of his fellow reality rockers Bret Michaels and Ozzy Osbourne?

"Trust me, in the last 10 years, I've wanted a camera by my side," Steven told me while walking (make that strutting, in leopard-print trousers with feathers in his hair) the red carpet at the PaleyFest "Idol" event hosted by the Paley Center For Media on Monday, March 14.

During the PaleyFest "Idol" panel, producer Mike Darnell revealed that Steven was actually the FORTIETH candidate he interviewed to be a judge this season. Incredible. But on the red carpet, Steven revealed something even more eyebrow-raising: It turns out that he almost did become a reality star about eight years ago. "I had a camera follow me around from 2003 to 2004, because of what goes on in a rock band--I mean, for real real," he divulged. "It's more than reality."

When asked where that surely amazing footage is now, Steven merely quipped, "Somewhere!" Man, whoever has those tapes is sitting on a television goldmine. I know I'd give up my entire Aerosmith record collection, and possibly my firstborn, to get my mitts on it.

But until that priceless footage is unearthed, we'll just have to enjoy S.Ty on "American Idol." And Steven certainly seems to be enjoying his TV gig--finally getting to be the judge, instead of being judged, for once. "You know, I've been judged my whole life. Aerosmith, God knows, went from 'Mick Jagger's brother' to 'Janis Joplin's cousin,'" Steven said, as only he colorfully could.

However, these days, we all just know him as "reality TV's most awesome judge." So now that America's appetite has been whetted for all things Steven, can someone please dig up those lost Tyler tapes from 2003, stat?

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