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SYTYCD: A Little Slice Of Heaven

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Amid all my shock and awe last night over Kherrington and Gev's elimination from So You Think You Can Dance, I completely forgot to express my awe, awe, and more awe over the latest work of genius by resident SYTYCD choreographer/goddess Mia Michaels, a dreamy angel-themed dance for the top five girls.

You know I don't how Mia comes up with these new and unimaginable ways for bodies to contort, or how she's able to make the unison swish of five heads of pre-Raphaelite hair extensions look like the most heart-stoppingly beautiful thing in the world. The mind of Mia Michaels is a mystery. Sometimes offputting stuff springs from it, like "You're so gorgeous I want to stab you" and "Will, you need a NEW PARTNER." But sometimes amazing stuff comes out of that puzzle-like, pixie-topped brain of hers, and that's why I love her.

Kherrington's probably sad she was cut last night, but it must soften the blow that she had the opportunity to participate in this magical Mia moment before leaving So You Think You Can Dance. What a way to go:

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