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‘SYTYCD’ Dancers Caitlynn & Ricky Speak Post-Elimination

Lyndsey Parker
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This Thursday was a bittersweet night on "So You Think You Can Dance." While no one could argue with the final four, who were announced that evening (Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tadd, all of whom were America's top four vote-getters this week and all of whom are amazing in their own ways), it was tough to say goodbye to worthy contenders Caitlynn and Ricky. Especially Ricky, who was my personal favorite male dancer this season, and who I thought had a real shot of making it to the finale over fellow dark horse Tadd. (Ricky scored more votes than Tadd last week, so really, it could have been either of them, down to the wire.)

Ricky seemed more emotional than Caitlynn when the two spoke separately (and way too briefly) to reporters backstage immediately following Thursday's results show, freely admitting that he was "bummed." (And both contestants welled up during their interviews. Aw.) However, both dancers wore rose-colored glasses over their teary eyes, as they optimistically realized this was not a last goodbye: They'll be reunited with their top 20 castmates as soon as next week at the big "SYTYCD" finale, and they'll jump right into the "SYTYCD" tour rehearsals after that. These two have not danced their last dance.

Check out Ricky and Caitlynn's post-results show interviews below, in which they discuss what they'll miss most about the show and their plans for the future.

[photo courtesy of Fox]

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