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‘SYTYCD’ Dancers Clarice & Mitchell Speak Post-Elimination

Lyndsey Parker
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This week on "So You Think You Can Dance," Clarice and Mitchell went home, and while the occasion was still bittersweet, this Thursday's results show was a little less depressing than previous ones. Backstage, as the pair spoke to reporters immediately after the taping, there were a lot more smiles than tears.

Nigel Lythoge had some very kind and encouraging on-air words for the pair ("We don't have anything to say about you being bad tonight....we think you're all fantastic!"), and Mitchell also knew he was fortunate to get this far, since a shoulder injury almost cost him the competition in week one; he was grateful that the judges had given him another chance, despite the fact that'd he'd been unable to compete that week.

And most importantly, Clarice and Mitchell left the show with a fabulous consolation prize: a spot on the "SYTYCD" tour. The tour seemed foremost on Clarice and Mitchell's minds, in fact, as they optimistically spoke to the press Thursday night.

Check out Clarice and Mitchell's post-results show interview below, to get their perspective on their "SYTYCD" journey as well the journey ahead of them!

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