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‘SYTYCD’ Dancers Robert & Miranda Speak Post-Elimination

Lyndsey Parker
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Thursday was a rough night on "So You Think You Can Dance," as the Mr. Personality of the show, Robert "Woo Man" Taylor, and Miranda, who was rising in the ranks and seemed like Nigel Lythgoe's new favorite, were both sadly sent home.

Robert took the news in stride, admitting to reporters backstage at the results show that he wasn't surprised to be in the bottom six and already animatedly discussing his showbiz future, which might include singing. (Did you know he once made it to the top 65 on "American Idol"? It's true!) Miranda, however, seemed to harbor more mixed feelings about her elimination--and who could blame her, considering the glowing praise she'd recieved the night before? But she still held her head high.

Watch Robert and Miranda's interviews after this week's results show, to get their perspective on their brief but memorable "SYTYCD" journeys. I miss them already.

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