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SYTYCD: I Demand An Encore!

Lyndsey Parker
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On this week's So You Think You Can Dance finale, the judges got to pick their favorite routines of the season, and have those dancers reprise them. For the most part I agreed with their choices: Mark and Courtney's sadomasochistic "Garden" routine, Mark and Chelsie's workaholic-husband "Bleeding Love" number, Katee and Josh's sad soldier-leaving-his-sweetheart "No Air" dance, and my hands-down favorite, that psycho-girlfriend "door dance" with Katee and Twitch.

But the judges overlooked a couple dances, in my not-so-humble opinion, so I'm going to run my own "encores" here....

Twitchington's Bed Dance:
As guest judge Napolean put it, "How can you go wrong with a good-looking guy, a beautiful girl, a bed, and flowers?" Add Mia Michaels to that mix and well, you can't go wrong. I am dumbfounded that no judge picked this routine, but thanks to the wonders of the Interweb, we can all watch Twitch and Kherrington hit the sack again and again:

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Katee & Joshua's "Hometown Glory":
Another Mia Michaels routine (of course), set to new British soul diva Adele's "Hometown Glory," this was glorious indeed. When I first watched this, my neckhairs stood stiffly on end like porcupine quills and my flesh crinkled into goosepimples--and that was before either dancer had barely even moved, when their routine started off with the simplest and most minimal of gestures. This dance were pure magic--I'm talking "Park Bench," "Flowers"-style magic, here--to watch, and you could tell the dancers themselves felt the magic, too:

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Courtney & Gev's Map Quest:
This Mandy Moore-choreographed dance to a song by Siouxsie Sioux's Creatures wasn't one of the most talked-about routines of the season, but I really enjoyed it. I always loved watching these two onstage, whether they were doing a red-hot rumba or pretending to be lost in the jungle fighting over a map, Blair Witch-style, as was the case in this particular jazz routine. For me, this was the dance that put Courtney and Gev on the map, so to speak:

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