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‘SYTYCD’ Judges Discuss Top 12 Week Eliminations

Lyndsey Parker
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The surviving contestants celebrated this Thursday over at "So You Think You Can Dance," joyous that they were advancing to the crucial top 10 round in which they will dance with allstars and perform on the "SYTYCD" tour. But there was less cause for celebration backstage, when the cast had to bid farewell to Alexander, who was just beginning to hit his stride on the show, and Ryan, who was so crestfallen over her elimination she had to be consoled by guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson of "Modern Family" fame (the best celebrity judge "SYTYCD" has had all season).

After Thursday's results show, Nigel Lythgoe and his fellow judges spoke to reporters about their unanimous decision to cut Ryan and NON-unanimous decision to cut Alexander. Mary Murphy was the lone dissenter that latter decision, it was revealed, and she even said if Alexander had performed a better solo, he would have stayed over Mitchell.

Watch the judges' post-results interviews below, and make sure to check out fanboy Jesse's adorable gushing about this wonderful show. I hope both he and "SYTYCD" win Emmys this fall.

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