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‘SYTYCD’ Judges Discuss Top 14 Week Eliminations

Lyndsey Parker
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Nigel Lythgoe celebrated his birthday onstage at Thursday's "So You Think You Can Dance" results show, but there was less cause for celebration afterwards backstage, when he and the cast had to bid farewell to eliminated contestants Ashley and Chris.

Below are Thursday night's backstage interviews with the judges, including the delightful Travis Wall, the first "SYTYCD" alum to sit behind the judging table and the best, most constructive guest judge the show has had all season.

See Nigel discusses this week's results along with this weekend's big BAFTA "Brits To Watch" event (which will be attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton) and more Lady Gaga guest judging details; see Travis talk about his unique position as a former contestant critiquing current contestants, and about his moment reuniting with Florence Welch this week (after he choreographed for her at last year's VMAs); and see Mary just be her usual hot-tamale self:

[photo courtesy of Fox]

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