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‘SYTYCD’ Judges Discuss Top 6 Week Eliminations, Finale Predictions

Lyndsey Parker
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This week on "So You Think You Can Dance's" results show, the judges decided to honor the public vote and just eliminate the two lowest vote-getters, Ricky and Caitlynn. This left America's four favorite dancers so far--Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tadd--in the running to win the ultimate title of "America's Favorite Dancer" next week.

While the results were hardly surprising--the final four have been frontrunners all season long, and have all earned their rightful spots in the finale--the judges still had plenty to say backstage after Thursday's eliminations. Click the videos below to see Nigel discuss why he still thinks a girl will win this season, and what weaknesses each contestant needs to respectively overcome in order to win; to see Mary make her own predictions and reveal why the male contestants have been underestimated this season; and to see Lil' C colorfully and colloquially describe each contestant and reveal what sort of routine he would've choreographed for Sasha if he'd had the chance.

[photo courtesy of Fox]

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