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‘SYTYCD’ Judges Discuss Top 8 Week Eliminations

Lyndsey Parker
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This week on "So You Think You Can Dance's" results show, while the judges ultimately decided to honor America's decision and just send the two lowest vote-getters (Jess and Jordan) home, there was still plenty of debate between Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and guest judge Rob Marshall (of Chicago/Nine film fame).

Rob, a Broadway fan and old acquaintance of Jess, understandably fought for Jess, and all three judges agonized over which girl to send home (since both Jordan and Caitlynn's solos were weak) and which boy to keep (since Jess proved he was more technically skilled, but Tadd was more unique). And all of the judges were surprised to see underdog Ricky finally escape the bottom four this week.

Backstage after Thursday's eliminations, the three judges spoke to reporters about this week's results, and they were full of juicy information. Click the videos below to see Nigel discuss why he refuses to change the show's gender-quota rules, who he predicts will make the top four, and whether he still thinks a girl will win; Mary reveal why they saved Tadd over Jess and Caitlynn over Jess; and dancer-turned-director Rob offer sound career advice to all of this year's "SYTYCD" hopefuls.

And, most importantly, find out from Nigel and Mary who this week's other guest judge, Lady Gaga, was rooting for--and if the results might've been different if Gaga had been around Thursday night to participate in the deliberations.

[photos courtesy of Fox]

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