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‘SYTYCD’ Results: Bye Bye, Ranpono

Lyndsey Parker
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Tonight marked the sad but not surprising elimination of my favorite So You Think You Can Dance male contestant this season, Kupono. The reason I wasn't shocked was his paso doble--with new partner Randi, who was also cut tonight--was probably this week's most critically panned dance by the judges, and quite frankly it was not up to par with Kupono's finest work of the season, like his unforgettable "crash test dummies" and "addiction" routines.

What was surprising was the other male in the bottom two tonight: Ade.

What the frig? Just when I'm beginning to understand Ade's appeal, just when I'm joining Team Ade--and just after he pulls off a positively athletic, gymnastic solo and a totally fun Nappytabs routine with Janette--he almost gets sent home? It makes no sense.

Ade should not have been in the bottom tonight. If it had been up to me, the other at-risk male dancer would have been Evan--whom I adore, but whom I feel has hit a plateau on this show (much like Phillip, who was finally cut last week). I would have personally preferred Evan to go home tonight over Kupono--who, granted, didn't do his best this week, but has a certain distinctive edginess and quirkiness that still could have been expertly exploited by out-there choreographers like Mia Michaels and Sonya Tayeh in future episodes.

Sigh. I was sad to see Kupono leave this evening, but I took comfort in the fact that Ade was safe.

As for the female elimination, I correctly predicted it would be Randi and Melissa in the bottom two. I appreciate Melissa's balletic grace and poise, plus I like the fact that--as the oldest female on the show, at age 29--she is living proof that a dancer's career doesn't have to end by one's thirties (Melissa only seems to be fully hitting her stride right now). I suppose it's good that Melissa stayed, as her mature and elegant vibe will continue to provide a welcome contrast alongside sassy hot-tamale contestants like Janette and Jeanine.

But that being said, I will dearly miss Randi's sunshiny sweetness. And her unitards. That golden girl just radiated pure joy. The show will be just a little less happy without her on it.

Sigh, again. It makes me wonder what might have been if Randi and Kupono hadn't been stuck with a paso doble last night. What if they'd gotten to do a Mia Michaels contemporary routine instead? So much of the dancers' fates on this show depends on the choreographers and dance genres they are assigned. The paso doble was definitely Ranpono's undoing this week.

But hey, like the SYTYCD exit song says, someone's gotta go. Each week gets harder as yet two more amazing talents are forced to hang up their Capezios. And next week won't be any easier.

Parker out.

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