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‘SYTYCD’ Results: Good News Comes In Threes!

Lyndsey Parker
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This has been a tough "So You Think You Can Dance" season for me. Early on, my favorite contestant, Alex Wong, had to bow out due to a serious injury. Then last week, another one of my faves, Billy Bell, was eliminated, frustratingly after delivering his best performance of the season. So on Thursday's results show I feared the worst, and braced myself to see Robert Roldan, my remaining favorite and a bit of a dark horse in this competition, get voted off in favor of the perennially popular but less skilled Adechike Torbert (who'd never been in the bottom three before).

But huzzah! America actually got it right this time: Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman, AND Robert Roldan are the final three that will compete on next week's finale. When hostess Cat Deeley announced this, the look of relief and elation on the judges' faces was so apparent it could be seen in a wide-angle shot of the studio. And I felt like doing a happy tightrope dance, a la awesome guest performer Janelle Monae, when I heard the news myself.

Sure, I would have liked to see Billy make it to the end, and I believe Alex would have made it if he hadn't gotten hurt...but overall, I am thrilled with these results and extremely psyched for an edge-of-seat-exciting Season 7 finale.

Regular viewers of this show know that, annoyingly, "America's Favorite Dancer" isn't always the best dancer--past "SYTYCD" contestants who didn't win include Travis Wall, Danny Tidwell, Brandon Bryant, Kayla Radomski, Jakob Karr, Katee Shean, Mark Kanemura, and actually ALL of the allstars. But I think this season might be different. Maybe the favorite will also be the best.

Of course, Robert's chances are still slim--he came in third, and the top two, Kent and Lauren, were only separated by 2 percent of the votes, although Cat didn't reveal whether Kent or Lauren had the slight edge. I assume it was unstoppable golden boy Kent, but you never know. And you never know what's going to happen next week--maybe Robert will triumph after all. But honestly, if any of these three win, I'll be OK with it. They're all very deserving.

Congrats to Adechike for making it this far and being a class act all the way, but America made the right decision here. So thank you, America. And see you at the finale.

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