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‘SYTYCD’ Season 8′s First Castoffs Speak Post-Elimination

Lyndsey Parker
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Thursday night was a rough night on "So You Think You Can Dance," as four incredible dancers--ballroom goddess Iveta, tapper Nick, jazz sexpot Missy, and B-boy Wadi--were all sent home at once. In any other season, contestants this excellent might've easily sailed through to the top 10. But Season 8 is so fiercely competitive, it's a whole other game.

It should be pointed out that none of these dancers were up for elimination last week, when the flip-flopping judges decided at the last minute not to cut anyone. Did the fanbases of last week's bottom seven contestants, who were all given another chance, mobilize and vote in droves this Wednesday, leading to an entirely new result this week? Would Iveta, Nick, Missy, and Wadi still be around this week if two dancers HAD gone home last week? Well, at least two of them would for the other two, it could just be that the "SYTYCD" race really is too close to call this year.

Anyway, check out Thursday night's emotional interviews with Wadi, Missy, Iveta, and Nick after this week's results show, to get their perspective on their brief but memorable "SYTYCD" journeys.


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