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‘SYTYCD’ Top 8 Results: The End of Jess, Jordan, and Jazz-Hands

Lyndsey Parker
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It was a happy/sad night on "So You Think You Can Dance" this Thursday. The sad part? Jazzy Jess and Jordan were voted off, and at this point in the season, no really deserves to go home--they're all amazing, they're all deserving, and they'll all be missed. So what's the happy part, you ask? Well, after the biggest vote of this season...Ricky was safe! Ricky was safe! Oh, and did I mention, RICKY WAS SAFE? The only downside of this development was I didn't get to see Ricky do another jaw-dropping dance-for-his-life solo, but hey, if that means I'll get to see him on next week's show, and maybe even in the finale the week after that, I can accept this.

It was definitely a surprise, that Ricky--after weeks of being in the bottom, and after Nigel Lythgoe had doomily predicted that he'd be in the bottom again this week--joined shoo-ins Melanie, Sasha, and Marko in the top four this Thursday. Did Nigel's prediction galvanize Ricky's worried fanbase? Did guest judge Lady Gaga's kind words (she told Ricky she had a "sweet spot" for him) galvanize all her Little Monsters to vote? Or did America just finally realize that Ricky is awesome? I don't know, and I don't care; I'm just delighted that he's still on the show.

As for the four contestants who were in the bottom, three of them--Jess, Jordan, and Caitlynn--were not surprises; I'd predicted they'd be up for elimination this week. It was too obvious that Sasha, Melanie, and Marko weren't going anywhere after their standout routines, some of the best routines not only of this week but of this entire season. But seeing Tadd, whom Mary Murphy had even predicted would be in the finale, in the bottom--well, that was a shock.

Unfortunately, Nigel insists on boy/girl parity with these eliminations, and he refuses to change the gender-quota rules...even though we all know that, as executive producer, he has the power to change the rules on a whim (like when he saved everyone the first week). I wish he'd had one of his crazy last-minute whims this week, because honestly, the two dancers that the judges should have saved this Thursday were the two boys, based on the bottom four's solos.

Jordan's solo crossed into icky PCD/pole-dancer territory (sometimes she's too sexy for her own good), and Caitlynn's was a mess, full of superfluous hair-flipping and sloppy spins. Neither of their solos truly earned them a spot in the top six. Meanwhile, I'd never seen Jess dance as dreamily as he did when he solo'd for his life this week--surely guest judge Rob Marshall will want to cast Jess in his next movie musical after witnessing such Broadway brilliance. And Tadd pulled out every trick in his rewritten B-boy book: He climbed the scaffolding, did a daredevil flip right off the stage that seemingly scared the judges right out of their socks, and then ran a victory lap through the wildly cheering audience like a true champion. Jess's solo was technically superior, but Tadd's was endlessly entertaining. Both of them danced circles around Jordan and Caitlynn this evening.

But one guy had to go, according to Nigel's silly rules, and so the judges decided to cut Jess, opting to save the less formally trained but more "unique" and back-storied Tadd. I was sad to see Jess go, but as Nigel said, he's a "sensational character," so I expect to see him land a big Broadway show in the near future. As for the other eliminated dancer of the evening, Jordan (whose final partner dance on the show, coincidentally, was a rhumba with Jess)...maybe she'll fulfill her dream to become a Pussycat Doll someday. But honestly, even though her solo was weak this week, in general I think Jordan is way better than that.

And speaking of "better"...this season just keeps getting better, doesn't it? This past Wednesday the show aired one of its best episodes EVER, and next Wednesday (the all-important last competitive episode before the finale) is sure to be intense as well. And oh...did I mention it will feature RICKY? Cue music.

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