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The American Idol Duet Van Halen Doesn’t Want You To See

Lyndsey Parker
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During the taping for Carrie Underwood's holiday special that aired earlier this week, special guest David Cook performed the Van Halen song "Why Can't This Be Love" with Carrie herself.

Now, when I think "Christmas carols" I don't necessarily think "Van Halen songs"--and if these two were going to tackle VH, I would've preferred a selection from the pre-Sammy Hagar songbook, something festive like, say, "Dance The Night Away" or "Jump." (Or even "Hot For Teacher"--hearing David Cook intone, "I got my PEN-cil" would have been amazing.) But still, the chance to hear two American Idol champs combine vocal forces on any song would have been a true Christmas miracle.

But sadly, 'twas not meant to be. According to a report on, attempts to clear the song by 19 Entertainment were thwarted by Van Halen themselves, but Fox chose to have the duo tape the song anyway--with hopes that legal/clearance issues could be ironed out later. But unfortunately, the matter was never worked out, and now that duet remains somewhere on some Fox cutting-room floor.

Those Halens sure are bunch of Scrooges. According to LiveDaily and some recent David Cook radio interviews, the reason for the rejection may be that the most recent VH lineup (from 2007) involved the reinstatement of off/on original frontman David Lee Roth, while "Why Can't This Be Love" is a song from the post-Roth, pre-reunion Van Hagar era, from which the reformed band is possibly trying to distance itself.

Again, Carrie and David really should've considered singing "Hot For Teacher" instead. Oh well, maybe next Christmas...

In the meantime--until that Xmas outtake inevitably leaks to YouTube--enjoy this fine Undercook duet from earlier this year:

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