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The New ‘Glee Project’ Video Will Totally Break Your Heart

Lyndsey Parker
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"The Glee Project," the Oxygen Network's televised talent search for a new "Glee" cast member that is actually infinitely more entertaining than "Glee" has been in ages, has created some amazing music videos over its eight episodes so far--from the retro goofiness of "We're Not Gonna Take It," "U Can't Touch This," and "Don't You Want Me" to last week's sweetly sexy "Teenage Dream." A few weeks ago on the "Vulnerability" episode, the cast's ennui-laden, black-and-white video for "Mad World" was a real gut-wrencher and tear-jerker...but I think it's this week's "Believability" challenge video, a cover of Paramore's ballad "The Only Exception," that packs the biggest emotional wallop, in its own quiet and effective way.

If there's been any finer depiction of the sweet, deep ache of unrequited teenage love in recent TV or music video history, I certainly can't recall it. I think it's the point in the video below when Alex stares piningly across the library desk at Damian that I started to tear up while watching. These kids are amazing actors as well as singers--they really are all that believable--and I think any of them would be a welcome addition to the "Glee" cast.

I'm kind of hoping Ryan Murphy hires all five contestants, no exceptions. He's definitely going to have a tough time eliminating one of them when the "Believability" episode airs this Sunday. Watch "The Glee Project's" latest video below and feel the (unrequited) love. And have some Kleenex nearby.

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