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The Time For Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” Is Here!

Lyndsey Parker
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Last Thursday evening, an unprecedented advertising "roadblock" was booked by the marketing masterminds behind the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster 2012, during which a new and exclusive trailer for the film would air on 89-plus different television channels simultaneously. While action-flick buffs no doubt rejoiced at the prospect of seeing a lot of buildings and stuff being blown up CGI-style, many Adam Lambert buffs were even more excited over the rumor that Adam's about-to-blow-up theme song for the movie, "Time For Miracles," would be heard for the first time during the roadblock.

Well, that didn't happen. The 2012 trailer last week was unfortunately, agonizingly Adamless. And of course, many Glamberts wanted to angrily kick a stacked-heeled black leather YSL boot right through their TV screens. That wasn't a roadblock! It was an Adam block!

But now, eight excruciating days later, the time for "Time For Miracles" has finally arrived. A new (and of course improved) trailer featuring a snippet of the Glamerican Idol's much-hyped song has at long last leaked, and it's just the big, blustery, bombastic, Brian May-endorsed, Oscar-worthy, dancing-in-the-path-of-greatness, EPIC movie theme Adam fans hoped it would be.

Listen and prepare to have your face blown off, 2012-style:

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Of course, "Time For Miracles" is probably not indicative of what Adam's upcoming debut album will sound like--in this recent Reality Rocks interview, Adam clarified that his 2012 theme is an entirely separate project with a more "classic," less electropoppy sound. But it's still the world's first dose of solo, post-AmIdol Adam...and that miraculous VOICE is simply unmistakable.

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