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The Voice, The Day After: Finale Part 1 Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, the final four competed on "The Voice," and it just might have been the closest competition in recent reality-TV memory. Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez's mentor duets were the most memorable, but Dia Frampton had the best original song (which prompty shot straight to number one on iTunes), and Javier Colon had avowed fan Justin Bieber enthusiastically tweeting his endorsement throughout the evening. So tonight's finale could go any which way.

So today, there is much for my Yahoo! colleague Matt Whitfield and I to gab about. Is Javier no longer a fronturnner? Is Vicci Martinez the next Pat Benatar? Is it geeky that Beverly's "Beautiful" made me cry last night, and was Christina Aguilera a genius or an egomaniac (or both) to pick her own song for their duet? What the heck was Cee Lo Green wearing? Is "The Voice" better than "American Idol"? And, most importantly who is going to win this thing?

We discuss all this and more. Please be sure to join in our convo by posting your comments before tonight's big event!

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