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The Voice, The Day After: Finale Part 2 Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, Javier Colon won the first season of "The Voice," and it wasn't exactly the most shocking reality TV finale ever. While it seemed like any of the other three--especially Dia Frampton, who had the number one song on iTunes this week--had a chance to take the title, Javier was a frontrunner from the very beginning, even before the season started (his first audition was heavily featured in "Voice" teaser promos). So his victory practically seemed pre-ordained.

Even though Javier's triumph was no surprise, there is still much for my Yahoo! colleague Matt Whitfield and I to discuss today. Did the same gender-bias issues that plague "American Idol" prevent Dia, Vicci, and Beverly from winning "The Voice"? Will the other three finalists also get (much-deserved) record deals? What's going to happen with Dia's pre-"Voice" band, Meg & Dia? Why were poor Vicci and Beverly forced to duet with Pat Monahan and Ryan Tedder last night (and why was Ryan wearing those unflattering white Wham! pants), while Javier and Dia got to sing with A-listers Stevie Nicks and Miranda Lambert? And will Season 2 be as totally awesome as Season 1?

Watch our final "Voice" gabfest now, and we'll be back with you in September to do it all over again for "The X Factor"!

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