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The Wombats Go Bats On Leona Lewis Cover

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

As covered in a previous Reality Rocks blog, X Factor winner Leona Lewis made her big bid for Stateside superstardom when she appeared alongside her mentor Simon Cowell on Oprah yesterday.

Well, Leona is already a huge enough superstar in her native U.K. (where X Factor airs) that her hit single "Bleeding Love" has been quite creatively covered by loony Liverpool indie band the Wombats.

The Wombats' wacky version of "Bleeding Love" is very, very different from Leona's glossy, perfectly produced original--and it probably won't secure them an endorsement by either Oprah or Simon any time soon. But I personally think it's awesome.

And their cover is solid proof that when a song is extremely well-written, an artist can do just about anything with it and it'll still hold up:

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