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They Bang, They Bang!: Ronny B vs. William Hung

Lyndsey Parker
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Viewers at home are probably still wondering how in the world Ronny B made it to the top 40 semi-finals round of America's Got Talent.

Piers Morgan has been red-X-ing this vocally and socially awkward bus-stop busker since the open-call auditions weeks ago. Sharon Osbourne calls him an "absurd little man." David Hasselhoff says Ronny has "zero voice, zero danceability, and zero talent"--which would presumably immediately disqualify Ronny from a show called America's Got TALENT, but apparently the producers bent the rules a bit for him. Even Jerry Springer, a man who's seen it all, seems dumbfounded by this "singing ant."

Really now, it's obvious Ronny why was advanced to the semi-finals: to provide comic relief. Because every good TV talent contest needs its own William Hung.

Which brings me to the crux of this post...this week, Ronny B performed the Ricky Martin hit "She Bangs" on America's Got [No] Talent. He WAS amusing, I have to admit (although if Ronny wins this overall competition I might follow Piers's lead and flee the country as well)...but really now, can the "She Bangs" performance by Ronny, aka the poor man's William Hung, compare with the REAL William Hung performance of the same tune?

I think not.

Compare and contrast Ronny and William's bangin' performances here, and you be the judge:

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