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So He Thinks He Can Sing: Alex Wong Releases First Music Video

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Alex Wong, keytar make video debut

Alex Wong recently returned to "So You Think You Can Dance" as an allstar, but after a series of unfortunate injuries that caused him to bow out of Season 7's competition and delayed his original Season 8 allstar stint, it's no wonder he's looking into backup career options. So why not give him singing a go, right? Alex actually successfully tried out for Nigel Lythgoe's other big talent show, "American Idol," earlier this year (his audition wasn't shown, but if you squinted hard, you may have seen him sitting in the theater during Hollywood Week)--and while he didn't make it to the live rounds, that didn't discourage him from pursuing a music career. The result is his first single and video, "Crave."

"Crave's" chorus is so AutoTuned, it's near-impossible to hear the "good voice" Nigel once tweeted about, and honestly, I think Alex ought to stick to dancing (presuming he manages to remain injury-free). But hey, the video features lots of Alex Wong choreo and, perhaps even more excitingly, a KEYTAR...and it has this budget-'80s-teen-sex-movie vibe about it that I am just going to assume was intentional and therefore makes it kind of cheesetastically awesome. I can't decide if the "Crave" video is awful or brilliant, but in the process of trying to figure that out, I've watched it three times already.

Check it out below. Cue music!

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