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Tommy Lee, Back On TV!

Lyndsey Parker
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As of this writing, Tommy Lee is currently on what is probably Motley Crue's 37th reunion tour. But I'm much more excited about Tommy's return to reality television than his return to the Crue.

Tommy is pure TV gold packed into one tight tattooed package, so I've been waiting a good long while now for the rocker with the big, um, ego to return to the small screen. But I was afraid it would never happen, since the recently regrouped Crue once sued his manager for casting him in shows that allegedly made him look (get this) dumb.

Yes, a couple years ago, Tommy's on/off/on bandmates filed suit against manager Carl Scrubner for $20 million, claiming that Tommy Lee Goes To College and Rock Star: Supernova had "inane overtones" (um, don't ALL reality shows??) and made Tommy look "incoherent, lazy, and incompetent."

Oh yeah, like that's sooooo hard to do.

Well, personally, I've missed seeing this lovable old boob on the boob tube. Ever since the hatchet fell on the Hatchet Man's ill-fated Rock Star: Supernova and he presumably graduated, albeit without honors, from Tommy Lee Goes To College, there's been a gaping void in my TiVo hard-drive. And in my soul.

But not anymore! Huzzah!

No, Tommy's NOT getting his own much-deserved Rock Of Love-style dating show. Sigh. But he is triumphantly returning to the airwaves in not one but TWO reality vehicles this week! First, on Sunday the 3rd, his on/off love interest Pamela Anderson debuts her looonnng-overdue E! show, Pam: Girl On The Loose--which, judging from the trailer, features a whole lotta Tommy (as well as a whole lotta Vaseline on the lens). Here's a peek:

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And then, just one day later on Monday the 4th, Tommy and rapper Ludacris will co-star in the Discovery Channel's eco-friendly Battleground Earth, in which Lee and Luda will compete in various enviromental-awareness challenges. Here's a preview:

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I'd STILL rather see Tommy on Rock Of Love 4...but I suppose this will tide me over for now.

Welcome back, Tommy, to basic cable--your home sweet home.

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