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UPDATE: Ex-Stripper Won’t Be Stripped From Idol!

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

This just in, hot off the AP wire, y'all:

David Hernandez won't be stripped of his chance to compete on "American Idol.'

A person close to the show, who is not authorized to comment publicly and asked not to be identified, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that there were no plans to remove Hernandez from the Fox singing competition--despite the semifinalist's past as a male stripper.

I think this is a good thing, and I applaud the Idol producers for standing by David H. If this is a "singing competition"--as the producers and judges are so quick to emphasize every time Idol devolves into a speed-dialing popularity contest, or VoteForTheWorst starts to wield too much influence--well then, what an adult contestant (legally) did to earn a living in his/her past shouldn't matter. The singing is what matters.

Now, if only Idol would reinstate Frenchie Davis...

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