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The Voice, The Day After: Season 3 Premiere Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, "The Voice" Season 3 premiered, and perhaps a moment too soon. After all, it'd only been four months since Season 2 of "The Voice" wrapped. And with the series airing in the fall for the first time, up against some other major network shows, it had its lowest-rated season premiere ever. But will that stop my Yahoo! colleague/fellow pop-culture junkie Matt Whitfield and I from talking about it today? Heck no! We admit that we still missed "The Voice"...and from Xtina's ill-advised trapeze-aerialist leotard to a slew of new standout contestants, there is still plenty to discuss today.

Watch us gab all about last night's premiere in the video above, and come back for more "Voice"--and "X Factor"--chatter all week long!

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