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Wanna Be Prince Poppycock For Halloween?

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Hey tricksters and treaters! Wondering which reality-TV sensation to dress up as for Halloween this year? Well, put away the Bump-Its and bronzer; Snooki is so passé. And it's simply too difficult to get Audrina Patridge's eerie dead-eyed look just right, unless you order your custom contact lenses by October 31. So why not go as America's favorite fop, Prince Poppycock, instead?

The pantalooned, powdered-wigged "America's Got Talent" finalist--obviously one man who knows how to dress to impress--has conveniently just come out with his own line of D.I.Y. Poppycostumes to suit all your dandy masquerading needs.

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Whether it's the top-hatted mad hatter immortalized in the good Prince's "Yankee Doodle Dandy" breakout number, the fuchsia-haired Fauntleroy of his finale duet with Donna Summer, or the sequin-spangled harlequin jester from his "Pagliacci" performance, the good Prince offers multiple inspirations that will surely make you the belle of any costume ball.

Go to to download your choice of pretty Poppycock mask. Have fun playing dress-up, little Poppies!

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