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Wanna Party With Jedward? Watch Their New Video!

Lyndsey Parker
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"X Factor U.K." twins Jedward's new video, for "Bad Behaviour," is only available in Europe. WHHHYYYYYYYY???? This is a greater travesty than when they were eliminated in sixth place on "The X Factor" or only came in eighth at Eurovision. AMERICA DEMANDS JEDWARD, dammit! This is very bad behavior, or behaviour, on the part of YouTube and Vevo.

But far be it from me to let a little thing like international licensing stop me from getting my Jedward fix. I found a crappy version of the video online, and if I squint real hard, I can suss out that it serves up the usual hair-raising (pun intended) Jedwardian awesomeness I've come to expect from the brothers Grimes.

Following in the tradition of unsupervised-teens-at-home iconography perpetuated by Home Alone, Risky Business, and the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right" video, "Bad Behaviour" depicts the double divas of Dublin throwing the soiree of the year. And they're serving some sort of Jedward-branded kool-aid, which I am totally drinking right about now.

Checking out the LQ video below, squint hard, and it'll feel like you're drunk on spiked Jedward punch too:

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