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Watch Bo Bice’s “Perfect Game” On ‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics’

Lyndsey Parker
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Haters have dismissed "American Idol" as nothing more than televised karaoke...which makes it somewhat ironic that several Idols have signed on to sing along to words on a video screen, karaoke-style, on VH1/My Network TV's musical game show "Don't Forget The Lyrics." But since they're competing for charity, Season 5's Taylor Hicks and Elliott Yamin, Season 6's Blake Lewis, and Season 9's Alex Lambert have all willingly swallowed their pride and good-naturedly taped "DFTL" episodes, which start airing on My Network TV next week. (Watch Taylor's performances here.)

But it's Bo Bice, the first runner-up of Season 4, who impresses most. Full disclosure here: Odd as it may seem in hindsight, considering all the success his opponent Carrie Underwood has experienced since she won "Idol," on Season 4 finale night I was so Team Bo. Sadly, he didn't prevail that fateful evening, but when he appeared on "Don't Forget The Lyrics" recently, he slayed the competition and was a real winner.

Check out Bo's perfect "DFTL" game and winning moment below!

Bo Bice On 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' - "American Girl"

Bo Bice On 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' - "Born To Be Wild"

Bo Bice On 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' - His Winning Moment

Side note: Wouldn't "American Idol" be more fun if "DFTL" host Mark McGrath stood in the background playing idiotic air guitar during every song, like he does here?

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