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Watch: Kelly Clarkson’s Winning Performance On Blake Shelton’s Christmas Special

Lyndsey Parker
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Blake Shelton's "Not-So-Family Christmas" special aired Monday night--in a brilliant but obvious bit of NBC synergy, right after Monday's "Voice." But while Blake exhibited some excellent comedic timing (particularly during his "Just-Like-The-Voice Chair" fake infomercial), there was one special guest who upstaged (and eventually outsang) him: his longtime pal and onetime "Voice" mentor, Kelly Clarkson.

Since "it's 2012, it's television, and people are singing," the Original Idol naturally assumed that Blake's holiday special was some sort of newfangled singing competition--and so she came to compete, and she came to WIN. And she did a great job. If those phone numbers scrolling at the bottom of the screen had been real, I totally would have block-texted for her.

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Who do you think won this sing-off? I think the real winner was anyone watching Kelly be so dang adorable.

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