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Watch Taylor Hicks Belt Out Journey & Michael Jackson On ‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics’

Lyndsey Parker
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Haters have dismissed "American Idol" as nothing more than glorified karaoke...which makes it somewhat ironic that several Idols have happily signed on to sing along to words on a video screen, karaoke-style, on VH1/My Network TV's musical game show "Don't Forget The Lyrics." But since they're competing for charity, Season 4's Bo Bice, Season 5's Elliott Yamin, Season 6's Blake Lewis, and Season 9's Alex Lambert have all willingly swallowed their pride and good-naturedly taped "DFTL" episodes, which start airing on My Network TV next week.

But only one "AI" winner will appear on an "Idol"-themed episode, and that's Season 5's Taylor Hicks, bringing all his finest drunk-dad-at-a-wedding dance moves and silver-topped swagger to karaoke covers of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Journey's "Open Arms." Sure, he looks a little silly, but not nearly as silly as the show's new host, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray fame, who insists on trying to upstage Taylor by joining an onstage "Thriller"-dance conga-line and shredding air guitar in the background. Who knew Mark was a member of the Soul Patrol?

Taylor has a little trouble nailing MJ's dog-whistle-shrill falsetto, but I must admit I'm impressed with his ability to handle the almighty octaves of Steve Perry. So I'll go karaoke-ing with Taylor any time, haters be damned.

Taylor Hicks On 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' - "Thriller"

Taylor Hicks On 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' - "Open Arms"


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