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Welcome To The Dollhouse: Ukrainian Idol Inessa Lee’s Bizarre Music Videos

Lyndsey Parker
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On last night's final "American Idol" audition episode, Steven Tyler called Ukrainian wannabe Inessa Lee--who may or may not be a mailorder bride, and may or may not be crazy--a "little spitfire." But it seems Inessa prefers to be known as a "singing doll," according to her bizarrely entertaining website.

"Her emerald green eyes attract you. Her angelic voice makes you shiver...Her name is Inessa, and her music style is pop electronic, with a resemblance to Shakira, Ke$ha, and Kylie Minogue. Inessa is a singing doll: Innocent and sexy at the same time," reads the brilliantly hyperbolic bio on her site. "Singing doll Inessa is a complete package: In addition to her exceptional beauty and talents, she is a singer and songwriter. The world has been waiting for her!"

Much to the chagrin of Steven Tyler and, I assume,, Inessa didn't make it to Hollywood last night. I guess the world will just have to wait a little longer. But Inessa's American dream "to get famous!" is still coming true, at least for the next 15 minutes or so, thanks to the Interweb and the advent of affordable Stateside camcorders. And really, none of her DIY videos are much worse than Ke$ha's.

As the Singing Doll's website says, "Enjoy the sensual music videos and songs that will take you to Inessa's fantasy world..."

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