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Will Adam Lambert Go Pop?

Lyndsey Parker
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As the Associated Press reported today, while Adam Lambert is excited about the prospect of collaborating with his American Idol finale duet partners Queen--who, according to rumors, may be offering him a job as their new frontman--he doesn't exactly want to go the classic rock route on his much-anticipated debut solo album.

Adam told AP his long-player will be a "rock-pop-electronic-dance thing," produced "in a very, very current, almost futuristic way."

Sounds interesting...

Perhaps a hint of Adam's album sound can be gleaned from his pre-Idol demos, which are still floating around the Interweb in all their wondrously neon-lit, '80s-ish, Eurotrashy glory. Check out some of his pre-fame party-starters here:

It remains to be seen if this is the kind of music Adam will make--or will be allowed to make. As always, Adam is going to keep people guessing.

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