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Winning! Jedward Release Their Eurovision Song Contest Video

Lyndsey Parker
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Long before "American Idol," "The Voice," "The Sing-Off," "The X Factor," "America's Got Talent," "Diddy's Starmaker," "Nashville Star," "Can You Duet?," or even "Star Search" and "The Gong Show," there was the Eurovision Song Contest, a talent competition more ridiculous, glitzy, and over-the-top than all of those shows combined. And this year's Eurovision, which takes place May 10-14 in Dusseldorf, is sure to be the craziest (read: awesomest) yet, because, as previously and giddily reported, Jedward--aka John & Edward, the "double divas of Dublin" from Season 6 of Britain's "The X Factor"--are representing Ireland with their electropop entry, "Lipstick."

While Jedward's participation in Eurovision 2011 is controversial--this IS the duo, after all, that Simon Cowell once declared the worst performers of his entire reality TV career--there is no denying that with a little bit of Auto-Tune and a whole lot of hairspray, John & Edward seem like true pop stars, as the just-released official video for "Lipstick" proves:

Admit it, "Lipstick" is not a bad song at all--really, if Britney Spears put it on Femme Fatale, everyone would be declaring it a surefire smash. It's better than Rebecca Black's "Friday," at least. So I actually think Jedward could do Ireland proud with this one. And even if they don't win, they'll surely have the best hair at Eurovision.

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