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Wock Of Fame: Jabbawockeez Still America’s Best Dance Crew

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

So recently I heard chitchat around the office that Yahoo! Music was planning to do an On Location shoot with the almighty, all-around awesome Jabbawockeez. The winners of season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew!! Holy frig!

I got all excited and immediately started planning a superfly outfit to wear when I inevitably bumrushed this sure-to-be-amazing taping. A mask would have to be incorporated somehow...

...but then I found the taping had already taken place. I'd missed it.

In the words of ABDC judge Lil' Mama: ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Crestfallen--as if my own banner had just fallen, actually--I asked the producer peeps why I'd not been invited. And one of the Yahoo! producers innocently asked, "Oh, are you a fan of the show?"

Um, am I FAN of the SHOW? Oh, naw. I just write a near-daily blog called REALITY ROCKS about REALITY TELEVISION that has my NAME and FACE on it. That's all. So why would I be a fan of America's Best Dance Crew, one of the best reality shows EVER, right?


Well, that shows you how good the communication is here at these big corporations. Anyway, it was an innocent mistake. Those producers can make it up to me by, say, doing a shoot with Fanny Pak next time, and cordially inviting me to that taping. I already have my outfit planned for that shoot--it will involve lots of neon, skintight Lycra, possibly an '80s prom dress...and a fannypack, of course!

To be honest, though, as much as I lovelovelove this season's Fanny Pak crew (and SoReal Cru, too), I don't think any ABDC crew can compare to Jabbawockeez.

These masked men are just astounding, and this shoot with them just might be the kewlest thing Yahoo! Music has ever done:

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Daaaannnng. Why wasn't I there???

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