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Woo Woo! Mary Murphy Rides The Hot Tamale Train Back To ‘SYTYCD’

Lyndsey Parker
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The Hot Tamale Train is pulling out of the station and running at full steam, "So You Think You Can Dance" fans! Yes, get out your earplugs and train whistles, because it's just been confirmed that loud-and-proud "SYTYCD" screamer Mary Murphy is returning as a permanent judge for Season 8 of the show, after sitting out Season 7 to perform on Broadway in Burn The Floor, spend more time at her San Diego dance studio, do charity work, and presumably give rendered-deaf judges Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman's tender eardrums a little break.

"I am delighted to have Mary back on the show. Her expertise in dance, coupled with her warmth, compassion, and humor, make her an excellent judge and fun to work with," Nigel thrillingly announced this week in a Fox press release.

Woooo woooo!

I must say, I am excited. Like, Mary-screaming-over-Pasha excited. The crushing news announced last November that Mia Michaels (who quit before Season 6 and then rejoined as a permanent judge for Season 7) was once again leaving "SYTYCD" to focus on her own Bravo TV series, a possible Broadway project, and "Mia's world"...well, it shattered my own world. But I admit I missed the other divine Miss MM throughout Season 7. "So You Think You Can Dance" just wasn't the same without Mary's glass-shattering cackle, out-of-nowhere crying jags, self-deprecating Botox jokes, and generous distribution of coveted Hot Tamale tickets. So her return makes Mia's departure a little easier for me to take.

And apparently Mia herself agrees, since she recently told E!: "I heard they're bringing Mary Murphy back and I'm really happy for her. I've sat in that chair, but I feel like that was Mary's chair."

So even if I'll have to turn the volume on my TV set waaaaay down and/or install soundproofing drywall in my living room when Mary and "SYTYCD" return to the airwaves this summer, I'm elated that she's back. Pass the earplugs and remote, please.

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