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X Factor, The Day After: Top 10 Results Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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On Thursday night, "The X Factor" aired its first real shocker of the season...but the real shock wasn't who went home (Stacy Francis, who even freely admitted herself that she was off her game this week), but the fact that Astro was in the bottom two with Stacy. Even more shocking? The way he handled the situation, throwing an onstage tantrum that would make even Kanye West balk, and practically refusing to sing (or rap, as it were) for his life.

While Astro is now implying on his Twitter that this was all a setup for ratings and he was never in the bottom two in the first place, it doesn't matter either way, because the damage is done. "The X Factor" might as well retitle itself "Everybody Hates Astro." The Astronomical Kid's astronomical hissyfit pretty much ruined any chances he had of winning this show, and it's unlikely that he will even escape next week's double elimination, now that he has incurred America's wrath.

My Yahoo! colleague co-host Matt Whitfield and I are among the many "X Factor" viewers who are none too thrilled with Astro today, so there is plenty to talk about in our latest "Day After" chat. See us discuss the show in the video above, and make your opinions about last night's controversial results show on the message board below!

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