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X Factor, The Day After: Top 11 Show Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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After taking some time off from "The Day After" (thanks so much to my awesome guest co-hosts, top 32 "X Factor" contestants Christa Collins and James Kenney, for filling in last week), my esteemed Yahoo! colleague Matt Whitfield is back and ready to debate with me once again about this crazy show. It feels like Matt was gone for a decade in reality-TV years (DexterStacylip-synch fails--all of this passed him by), but this week, there's still plenty for us to discuss.

Watch Matt and I chat above about Astro vs. Chris Rene, Simon vs. Stacy, and poor Paula Abdul's groups vs. um, everyone else. And leave your predictions about which of the top 11 are going home tonight--I say Stereo Hogzz, Matt says LeRoy Bell--on the message board below!

[Note: There will be no "Day After" episode tomorrow, as it's now my turn to take a vacation. I'm off to the Grand Lucayan Celebrity Weekend in the Bahamas, to see some of my favorite reality singers--Prince Poppycock, Blake Lewis, Didi Benami, Tim Urban--perform amid a tropical oasis. This is the sort of vacation a television obsessive like myself takes, you see. But I will be back next week and well-rested for another catch-up chatfest with Matt, so stay tuned...]

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