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X Factor, The Day After: Top 12 Show Dish with Special Guest Christa Collins

Lyndsey Parker
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Christa Collins, my favorite "X Factor" contestant this inaugural season, received pathetically little facetime during her all-too-brief time on the show, with her first audition and Boot Camp solo performance not even being made available on the show's official YouTube channel. So when I found out my esteemed Yahoo! colleague and regular co-host Matt Whitfield wouldn't be able to make it to "The Day After" this week, I figured I'd invite Christa to be my guest, so she could get the extra screentime she so deserves.

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Christa Collins guests on 'The Day After'

So last night, the top 12 competed for America's votes for the first time on "The X Factor," and Christa was watching to cheer on her friends on the show. Today, we discuss who she's rooting for, as well as her own "X Factor" experience, her very interesting past (most of which was oddly not mentioned on the show); that whole Stacy Francis "scandal"; her advice to the show's young contestants (Christa was once a Disney child star, so she knows what she's talking about), and what's next for her and her career.

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