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X Factor, The Day After: Top 7 Results Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night on the most heartbreaking and eyebrow-raising "X Factor" elimination episode yet, two of the show's youngest and most interesting contestants, Astro and Drew Ryniewicz, were sent home. Astro took the news surprisingly well (certainly better than he took the news when he was in the bottom two a couple weeks ago), and since he was the lowest vote-getter among the top seven and therefore automatically eliminated, no one could get too up in arms about this result. It was apparently what America wanted.

But Drew was another story.

Drew did NOT take the news of her elimination well--and neither did her mentor, Simon Cowell, who looked FURIOUS.  I wasnt too thrilled either, and neither was my Yahoo! colleague and "Day After" co-host Matt Whitfield, a major Drew fan, who is wearing a mourning veil today as he grieves this senseless loss.

The reason Matt and I are so upset is we feel poor, innocent Drew was a pawn in the judges' cruel game, and that she was thrown under the bus by L.A., Paula, and Nicole just to spite Simon--even though Drew was better in the night's sing-off than the other contestant in the bottom three, Marcus Canty. We feel the elimination deliberation became more about the judges' infighting than about the actual contestants, and as a result, a very talented girl went home in tears. Not cool, "X Factor."

It was all enough to turn Matt, a former bigtime Scherzinger fan, into a hater. Watch both get all heated in our latest "Day After" chat above, and feel free to vent on the message board below.

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