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‘X Factor’ Lip-Synchers Possibly Worse Than ‘Idol’ Lip-Synchers

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LeRoy Bell

Simon Cowell seems determined to one-up his old show "American Idol" in every possible way. And last night he found another department in which to outdo "Idol": The Epic-Fail Lip-Synch Department.

Yes, "Idol" has long come under fire for its hokey opening numbers, many of which have featured perfectly good singers pretending to sing, for some bizarre reason. But at least most Idols have managed to do a decent job of miming along to their pre-recorded tracks. Um, not so much with this new "X Factor" crew.

Singing, or pretending to sing, David Guetta and Usher's "Without You" at the start of Thursday night's "X Factor" results show, some of the top 12 did all right, with only a minimum of awkwardness. But Stereo Hogzz failed to remember to hold their prop microphones to their lips (though at least their lips were moving), and poor LeRoy Bell's mic was nowhere near the vicinity of his (completely non-moving) mouth when his segment came along... and thus, a little Milli Vanilli moment ensued.

Later, rapper Astro at least proved that he was performing live...but in his case, maybe he would have been better off mouthing along to a track, as he flubbed about 50 percent of his lyrics.

"For the group ensemble performance, the vocals are pre-recorded to allow acts to concentrate on preparing for their own live competitive performances on Wednesdays--this is also no different to what other competition shows [read: 'American Idol'] do for ensemble performances," a show rep told The Wrap when asked to confirm that yes, LeRoy was indeed lip-synching, not just demonstrating a Terry Fator-like talent for throwing his voice.

Really, this is not a "scandal," more like just a highly humorous snafu, since all of these singers--including LeRoy Bell--have proven that they can bring it when it counts the most: when their microphones are actually turned ON.  But you have admit, this performance was pure reality-TV comedy. All that was missing was an Ashlee Simpson "SNL" hoedown dance.

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