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‘X Factor’ Shapeshifter Melanie Amaro Explains Why She Was Hiding Her Accent

Lyndsey Parker
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Will the real Melanie Amaro please stand up? That's the question many "X Factor" viewers are thinking right now, after the normally soft-spoken singer out of nowhere morphed into a totally different person on Tuesday's show, breaking out a previously unheard thick Caribbean accent and exclaiming, "This is me! This is Melanie!" In many ways, her emotional "coming out" was moving. But in some ways, it was a little jarring. I mean, why had Melanie been hiding her true self, and true voice, all this time?

Speaking backstage after the top nine show, Melanie admitted that she'd made a deliberate effort to speak in an American accent before. "I've always tried to curb [my Caribbean accent]. But tonight, it came out, and I couldn't help but to speak the way I normally do at home," she said. "Covering it the entire time was a task, but this is me, this is Melanie.

"A lot of people say they have a hard time understanding me when I speak, so I try cater to them," she continued. "Now I have no choice but to continue to speak the way I normally speak. I'll be a lot more comfortable now that I don't have to think about things to say in an American accent."

What do you think of this version of Melanie? I actually think she now seems a whole lot cooler, and much more interesting...even if it is kind of weird that it took her this long to reveal her true self. But hey, better late than never. So welcome, The Real Melanie, to "The X Factor."

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