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X Factor, The Day After: Chicago/Seattle Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Last night, "The X Factor" moved on to Chicago and Seattle, and while there were definitely a few head-scratching (and ear-bleeding) moments, in general the show was looking up, up, up. Yes, my esteemed colleague Matt Whitfield was a hater last week, and not without good reason. But this week, both he and I found a few exellent contestants to get truly excited about. And so in today's "Day After" chat, we are celebrating with a fit-for-a-Cowell feast of blueberries and Josh Krajcik-inspired burritos.

Because, as our favorite new contestant Josh recently said, burritos are good.

Watch Matt and I dig into last night's "X Factor" epsiode in our usual opinionated manner above. And feel free to post your own opinions on the message board below!

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