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X Factor, The Day After: Miami/Dallas Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, "The X Factor" moved on to Miami and Dallas, but sadly, Simon Cowell and company found very few 5-million-dollar singers in either city. Instead, Thursday's episode focused almost entirely on trainwreck auditions, and even the most interesting contestants who did make it through, like Dexter Haygood and Nick Voss, seemed a bit like novelty acts. It was enough to give my esteemed colleague Matt Whitfield and I shudder-inducing flashbacks to "American Idol's" horrific Los Angeles auditions episode from earlier this year.

So while Matt was a hater in yesterday's "Day After" chat, and I defended the show, today I am also pouring a bit of Hater-ade into my "X Factor" Pepsi cup. Oh, I'm still enjoying the show...just not as much. But hey, at least Matt and I agree today!

Watch us discuss last night's "X Factor" epsiode in our usual opinionated manner above. And feel free to post your own opinions on the message board below!

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