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X Factor, The Day After: New York/New Jersey Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Last night, "The X Factor" moved on to its final auditions, in New York and New Jersey. Fist pump! Yes, it was Simon Cowell and company's last chance to find some real $5 million talent before the Boot Camp rounds...and thankfully, their mission proved successful. And I heaved such a massive sigh of relief, I practically knocked my TV set over with the sheer force of my breath.

Now, with the Boot Camp rounds just around the corner, I'm getting genuinely excited about this show's future--as is my fellow Yahoo! colleague/reality geek, Matt Whitfield. So watch us babble bubbily about 14-year-old novelty rapper Brian "The Astronomical Kid" Bradley, 16-year-old secret diva Jazzlyn Little, supercool grease-monkey girl Tora Woloshin, and other "X Factor" hopefuls in our latest "Day After" chat above...and feel free to post your own opinions on the message board below!

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