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X Factor, The Day After: Premiere Episode Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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During the recent "American Idol" and "Voice" seasons, my esteemed Yahoo! Entertainment colleague Matt Whitfield and I took our heated TV debates online in our "Day After" webisode chat series...and now we're BACK, and feister than ever, and we are ready to agree to disagree about our latest television obsession, "The X Factor."

And ooh boy, do we ever disagree! While I'm giving Simon Cowell's much-hyped new show the benefit of the doubt--I enjoyed last night's premiere, spotted a few promising singers, and am looking forward to seeing more--Matt is soooo not feeling it. Today, as we discuss the "X Factor" premiere, he's all too eager to cite damning ratings statistics, and he even comes close to decapitating my treasured Simon Cowell bobblehead doll!

So, whose side are you on? Do you think Simon has made the biggest career blunder in TV history, or do you think "The X Factor" can still be a hit? Watch us hash out the pros and cons above, and come back tomorrow and in the coming weeks for more "X Factor" dish sessions.

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