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Yahoo!’s Lyndsey Parker To Moderate ‘SYTYCD’ Panel At Reality Rocks Expo

Lyndsey Parker
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The Reality Rocks Expo (no relation to this very here blog you're reading; it's just a name so nice, it got used twice) takes place this weekend, April 9-10, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. And with participating castmates from 400 reality shows, including my guilty-pleasure faves like "American Idol," "RuPaul's Drag Race," and "Project Runway," it's no wonder that this convention is being dubbed the "ultimate reality TV fan experience." And I've got some very exciting news to report: This ultimate reality TV fan--yours truly, Lyndsey Parker--will be moderating the "So You Think You Can Dance" panel on April 9 at 11:30am! That's right, Reality Rocks is going to Reality Rocks...and considering that "SYTYCD" is my favorite reality show (yes, even more so than "Idol"), I'm doing a happy dance just thinking about it.

At the Expo, some of my most admired "SYTYCD" alums--Season 3's Lauren Gottlieb; Season 4's Comfort Fedoke, Chelsea Traille, and Will Wingfield; Season 5's Kupono Aweau; and Season 7's top two (pictured right), Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd--will choreograph a special group dance just for Expo attendees. (Kids, if you've ever dreamed of dancing with, say, Kent or Kupono, here's your chance.) And I'll be moderating a Q&A panel too, during which the dancers will discuss their "SYTYCD" journeys. I'm sure at some point I won't be able to resist asking Kupono to do his "Addiction face," making Comfort reenact her "Fallin'" face-slap, or lapsing into some Mia-speak by referring to their "total murderation" or "heartwork" or "purple winds." I'm that big a fan.

If you have more hard-hitting questions for the "SYTYCD" panel, however, please post your suggestions on the messageboard below, or tweet me at @lyndseyparker. For more details on the RR Expo, go to

"I'm so excited for another opportunity to meet and talk with the fans that have always been so supportive of the show and me! It's going to be great!" says Lauren. And I obviously share her excitement. So make sure to bring your dancing shoes...and see you at the Expo this Saturday!

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