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Yes They Can: Jedward Perform For President Obama

Lyndsey Parker
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Jedward, aka "X Factor" twins John and Edward Grimes, recently placed eighth out of 43 countries in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. President Barack Obama recently made Donald Trump look like a fool and tracked down Osama bin Laden. So what better way to celebrate than having Jedward perform for Obama himself? Everyone wins.

This week the Obamas traveled to Ireland for a 24-hour visit, during which the President delivered a speech to a crowd of 20,000 at the Irish capital in Dublin. And sharing the bill with Obama? Ireland's finest (or at least funniest): Jedward, of course.

"We're very excited. It's an honor to perform for the most famous man in the world--after Simon Cowell, that is," the twins told BBC News.

Check out Jedward's command performance below:

After their Presidential performance, Jedward--who once dubbed themselves the "Obama of 'X Factor'" due to how they supposedly changed the show--tweeted a series of breathless raves over getting to meet Obama:

"We met @BarackObama it was a moment that will go down in History for Jedward...We asked @BarackObama to follow us on twitter and gave Michelle Obama our twitter name @PlanetJedward...When we saw Michelle Obama we gave her a Jedward Hug and we were talking about going to the white house to meet her daughters...We were talking to @BarackObama about the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus......We were given a box of @BarackObama 'Seal of the president of the United States M&M's we will never eat them they will always be sealed...its was so cool that @BarackObama liked our Hair! Our hair has been approved by the Biggest person ever."

That "biggest person ever" comment implied that President Obama had replaced Simon Cowell in Jedward's hearts, but then the Grimes boys made it clear who their most revered American is, when they tweeted: "Meeting @BarackObama means alot to us One step closer to America = one step closer to Britney Spears."

Here's Jedward's vlog about their Obama encounter:

What do you think Jedward's performance did for Irish-American relations?

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