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Lyndsey Parker
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Miss Rap Supreme just wrapped up last night, and already I miss it. I loved everything about this show: the '70s variety-show-style intro, that nerdy-but-sexy bellboy, the Salt-N-Pepa Suite afterparties, the lifesized furry cockroach and his puppet posse, the bizarre "STEP OFF!" skits at the end of each episode, the (usually Chiba-instigated) catfights, turban-swathed Yo Yo's "mirror mirror" alerts...EVERYTHING. Really, I'm so sad this show is over.

But easing me through my Miss Rap Surpeme withdrawals today was hostess with the mostess Yo Yo herself, who stopped by Yahoo! Music HQ this afternoon (her genie turban swapped for a baseball cap) to discuss the MRS finale. And she mercifully answered all my burning questions: did the right femcee win, is champion Rece Steele working on an album, and, most importantly...


Check out my Yo Yo interview here:

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