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You’ve Come A Long Way, Saaphyri

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Seems like just yesterday our favorite fistfighter from 54th & Crenshaw was beating H-Town's skinny ass with a floral bouquet, un-hygienically offering her used lipchap to fellow Flavor Of Love contestants, or expressing her anti-Muslim views on The Tyra Banks Show. (You don't remember that third incident? Then click here.) But now--10 commandments, one weave-transplant, and $50,000 later--Saaphyri is, it seems, a changed woman.

Yes, Saaphyri was the big winner on the Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School finale last night, beating out spineless stripper Leilene/Smiley, fluent ebonics expert Becky/Buckwild, and ex-Larissa BFF Shay/Buckeey for the grand prize. Now, I know throughout the season this program normally wasn't family-viewing fodder (Pumkin's "slutacious" prom exploits and Schatar/Hottie's dirty drawers were enough to have any concerned mom frantically jabbing the V-chip button on her remote). But Saaphyri's victory was genuinely touching. Her five-hanky speech about wanting a home of her own was like something out of a South Central adaptation of Gone With The Wind, starring Saaphyri O'Hara. I hope the Emmy judges remember this golden TV moment when they cast their ballots next year. Seriously!

Of course, things might not be so warm 'n' fuzzy on next week's Charm School reunion show, when Larissa/Bootz and Shay/Buckeey finally confront each other over the "Picturegate" scandal. (FYI, I'm sooooooo Team Buckeey regarding that incident. Bootz is EVIL.) Unless Larissa learned from Saaphyri's example and took some anger management classes in the interim, I suspect there will be a whole lot of shoe-throwing, weave-pulling, and, if Pumkin gets involved, maybe even some spitting!

However, there's a more pressing issue I want resolved on next week's reunion show: The lack of continuity regarding Saaphyri's weave. When she won the 50 grand, she was wearing her new, subdued, caramel-brown hair. But in all the post-victory interview segments in which she talked about winning, she was back to wearing her old blonde extensions streaked with pink (NOT candy-apple red, as she clarified to New York). And Leilene was sporting her pre-makeover haircut in her post-finale interview clips as well.

Bad editing, Charm School production peeps! Don't you know us reality obsessives geek out on scandalous details like this? The VH1 message board is all abuzz with other viewers noticing this same editing gaffe. We demand ANSWERS!

Anyway, I digress. My point of this blog is...CONGRATS to Saaphyri! Flavor Flav really missed out on a good catch. But hey, maybe that urban renaissance man is still available...Saaphyri, if you're reading this, give that guy a call. You deserve a nice man in that new home of yours.

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