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2010: The Year Cats Broke

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

If you're a cat, or just a cat-lover, and you dig music, then you were having a very good year in 2010. Kitties were everywhere in pop this year, sinking their claws into album covers, viral videos, even album release parties.

So here, we have for you...the year in cats!

Keyboard Cat 2.0
Fatso, aka the original Keyboard Cat (R.I.P.), was the biggest Internet meme of 2009--but he was reincarnated in 2010, as a new orange tabby (owned by the same man who adopted Fatso years ago) named Bento tickled the ivories in his honor. KC also starred in a pistachio commercial that was truly nuts. Keyboard Cat forever!

DJ Kitty
Scratching some vinyl to rapper Gucci Mane's "Wasted" while wearing a street-cred-friendly Tampa Bay Rays jersey, DJ Kitty was already a local hero in Florida, where his turntablism appeared on the jumbotron at Tampa Bay Rays games, and he entertained countless sports fans as he pawed and clawed the wheels of steel to "Jump!" by the Movement. And in 2010, DJ Kitty went viral. After this video hit, surely it wasn't long before cats across the globe were scratching records instead of scratching posts.

Devo's Cat Party
Devo's first album in 20 years, released in June 2010, was called Something For Everybody--and to prove the title's point, that this comeback effort offered quality entertainment for even Devo's four-legged fans, the band hosted the greatest marketing stunt EVER: an all-day UStream listening party for 20 lucky cats. The funky felines frolicked atop a carpeted scratching post shaped like Devo's iconic energy-dome hat, while fans, curious-as-cats lookieloos, and members of the press observed all the cattiness from the Warner Bros. Records patio in Burbank. Hey, the invite said, "Tune in live to see 20 cats getting down to the new Devo album for nine whole hours" how could anyone resist?

The Klaxons' Cats-ronaut

Rock 'n' roll history is filled with iconic album cover images--Sticky Fingers' functional zipper, the Velvet Underground's Warholian banana, Nevermind's dollar-chasing pool baby--but all of those covers just looked like cheapo clip art next to the genius artwork for Klaxons' 2010 sophomore album, Surfing The Void. Featuring band member Jamie Reynolds' own space cat, Orphee, the album art quickly became the toast of the feline-obsessed Interweb, and it reintroduced the band in a totally claws-out manner after their three-year hiatus.

Other Catty Covers
Klaxons weren't the only indie acts getting catty this year. The debut disc by L.A. darlings Best Coast featured a Californian kitty frolicking in the postcard-picture surf, while Britpop legends James showed off a dark-disco side of the feline underworld by plastering their The Morning After The Night Before album cover with a fierce photo of a fang-baring, mirrorball-eyed cat from hell. Meow!

The. Best. Cat. Video. Ever.
"Red Lights" by indie band Holy F*** had all the purrfect ingredients for indie-rock-loving cat-fanciers: An "SNL" Toonces The Driving Cat homage; a band of psychedelic cool cats jamming against a swirling backdrop of fire; felines posed in shadow, James Bond/"Charlie's Angels"-style; and a suspenseful, '70s-retro, action-flick car chase in which a cat leaves an evil doggy in the dust. Cat fans were indeed crying out, "Holy f***!" after watching this bit of catty genius.


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